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From Aestheticians to Business Owners: The Inspiring Story of (S)he Shed

If you wander the streets of Kincardine, Ontario, you might stumble upon a lovely business called She Shed.
The cozy space offering a range of beauty services has become a go-to destination for locals looking to pamper themselves.
But have you ever wondered how it came to be?

Tania and Stacey’s (S)he Shed story is one of dedication, persistence, and friendship.

(S)he Shed is a beauty boutique downtown Kincardine, Ontario … this is the story of how it all got started.

Tania had a passion for aesthetics and had been working in the industry for over thirty-one years. She became a leading expert in the field of esthetics.  When the spa she had worked at for the duration of her career closed, it was time for her to follow a new path with the freedom to make her own decisions and build something that reflected her values and creativity.

Stacey started her journey as a 17-year-old co-op student in the spa where Tania worked.. She then attended aesthetics school, honed her skills, and opened her own business. However, after 15 years of working alone, and the nudge from Tania, she felt the need to collaborate with someone again.

It was 2017, when opportunity first knocked. Stacey was sitting in a micro-blading class when she got a text from a real estate friend, telling her about a great space in the newly renovated, Aztec building development. Stacey was inspired by the thought of having her own business in that building, and although she didn’t act on it at the time, it never left the back of her mind.

She Shed Kincardine owners Stacey and Tania having fun with makeup application
She Shed beauty boutique pillow

Then, in 2018, as fate would have it, Tania came to Stacey and casually asked if she would be interested in opening a business together.

That was the spark of inspiration that reignited the old friendship between these two aestheticians.

Tania proposed the idea of opening a new business as partners, and Stacey, although hesitant at first, eventually said yes. It was a thought that had been simmering in her mind for over a year.

The next step was to come up with a name. They both wanted something catchy and gender-neutral that reflected their laid back personalities and passion for aesthetics.

And then it happened – “(S)he Shed” was born.

(S)he Shed was born

Tania and Stacey started working on the interiors and getting everything ready. They had a clear vision of creating a cozy spa for self-care that felt warm, inviting, and nurturing with laid back cottage vibes.

Today, (S)he Shed has become a thriving business that the community loves.

Tania and Stacey are proud of their accomplishments, but more importantly, they are proud of how they got there.

They built something from scratch, based on their skills, values, and collaboration, and they couldn’t be happier.

(S)he Shed Kincardine

The story of (S)he Shed is more than just two business owners who started a company. It’s a testament to how persistence, dedication, and friendship can make anything possible.


She Shed Kincardine interior aerial photo
She Shed Kincardine experts

Tania and Stacey’s journey should inspire all of us to pursue our dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem. And, if you haven’t yet … wandered into (S)he Shed, you’ll receive a warm welcome, and feel the magic of their space.

Better yet .. check out their services and book yourself an appointment online.  It’s easy!


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